Exploring Innovation in Music & Cities
SoundHive Innovation is the R&D arm of a social enterprise – built to create opportunities for talent in the music and music technology industries. Formed by Chris Ilett – an Artist/Producer & Songwriter who also has a strong background in tech and digital transformation in the public and private sector.

If it doesn't exist - create it yourself

The main goal of SoundHive Innovation is to create new routes to funding for the Community Interest Company in order to realise the full potential of our ideas. 

We discovered that the grants available to us would also restrict our ability to operate in new and unique ways, and to fully realise the benefits of the opportunities SoundHive creates. We focus on creating meaningful change in order to create employment, or career opportunities on a global scale. We also love building closer communities within the music scene.

Innovating in order to fund... innovation

So we find ourselves looking for innovative ways to fund further innovation. We’re currently working on ArtsFunder, which would do exactly that – create a residual and self-sustaining funding source. It’s explorative – but has potential to fund all our projects, and even create our own grants system.

Our own grants system

Reaching that point would accelerate innovation vastly as we’d be able to process grants quickly and eliminate the painful wait for decisions – and most importantly – cash. Quick access to funding is lacking in the arts, and it’s slowing down real innovation.

All we really care about is:

Is the idea exciting?
What is the potential for failure, and how can we help avoid that?
Is there a strong track record of activity in the sector?

Interested in helping us achieve this? Get in touch

Quick access to funding fuels progress

In our experience, access to funding in weeks (not months) allows opportunities to be seized before all the goalposts move. We’ll be blogging about this quite a lot.

In the meantime, check out some of the projects of our own we’re trying to fund, and add yourself to our mailing list so we can keep you informed on our progress.

Our Projects


SoundHive Social

We put on an event to give people a chance to connect. The kind of event you can attend alone and leave with new friends.
We turn the live music down and allow people to talk. The result: complete focus on the artists.

City Network

An extension of the Social. The event works so well at building a regular audience & close community that we want to expand to other cities & create a network of regular events, resulting in easy touring opportunities.

Music Tech Startup Accelerator

Focusing on arts & music industry-related technology solutions, we will rapidly grow young companies working in this sector. A managed startup programme helps to create an employment boom of higher-paid roles within cities.

Immersive Audio Capital City

We have a unique opportunity to work with the biggest labels in the world, which would create a huge boom in employment for audio engineers, and raise the global profile of the city as experts in emerging audio technology.

Songwriter Cities Fund

A support system to enable rapid development through better studio tools, a collaborative community and opportunities to thrive. Investing in artists' work and reinvesting profits into the next wave of artists.

Livestream Interactive

Brexit has massively impacted UK artists' ability to tour throughout the EU and internationally at a time when the arts industries have been hardest hit by the pandemic. It's the perfect time to invest in innovation - enabling artists to reach global audiences through live-streamed shows. We'll monetize this with incredible, interactive audience experiences.

Music Services Incubator

Many businesses just need help to get started - space for music-related activities is very difficult to find, and expensive to lease whilst finding first regular customers.

It's a problematic barrier to entry.

We hope to incubate businesses if they're good for the community or promising for the economy.

Community Hubs

A closer-knit community of music-related creatives from all genres & social backgrounds. Actively aiding collaborations, networking, friendship, development of scenes, and education events

Enabling a community to benefit from a vast array of experiences. Some might call it Knowledge Transference. We call it art.

Our Services

The only problem with innovation is that somebody has to pay for it
We fund our SoundHive exploration and activities with our own money, and the opportunities we source are ones we've earned from our own careers. So to balance this, we're incorporating our services into the SoundHive infrastructure. We already work mostly with artists, charities and arts organisations anyway, so it's a good fit.

Mixing & Production

We've worked with
  • Roc Nation
  • Jorja Smith
  • Buju Banton
  • Patoranking
  • The Lox

Web Design & Hosting

We work with
  • Arts Organisations
  • Venues
  • Entertainment publications
  • Charities
  • Musicians & Bands

Let’s create the extraordinary