I suppose a comment on current trending topics could be interesting to some people. But I’ll make it short.

The Universal Music Group vs TikTok argument is the latest “story”. TikTok is trying to use music catalogues to replace music creation for its platform in the longer term. Universal has removed all its content in “defence of the artists”.

“in defence of the artists”

UMG’s motives aren’t really my concern.

This is my take…

It’s a good thing if it lasts. But big music companies need to be more aggressive against technology companies. The last 20 years has shown that tech steals from creators (including the labels).

Indecisive half-measures allow the big music companies the opportunity to try to stay relevant and rich. But they’ll always be chasing if they maintain that strategy. They need to:

  • Place higher value on assets (ie music)
  • Collaborate to negotiate better deals against tech companies
  • Aggressively lobby for better laws to protect creators


What kind of laws?

Similar to the Crispin Glover law that followed after the actor sued the filmmakers of Back To The Future for using his likeness.

We could actually use technology to protect creators if we wanted. For instance – any AI-Generated music (or, the software which enables its use) must register creations on the blockchain. That would effectively prove that the song that sounds like Drake was created using prompts and samples of Drake himself.

All evidence sat nicely in a database waiting for the court case. Panic over.

Maybe soon I’ll talk about why I think AI in music is less of a threat (for artists) than everyone’s saying.

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